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Distance Learning Update – April 6 (Day 16)

Today is our first day of live instruction.  Please bear with us as we figure out how to power through the challenges that may present themselves.  Also remember that students will be able to view the recordings of the classes, so if something happens that they are not able to join or there are connection issues, we do have that as a backup plan.

As a communications platform, the privacy of Zoom depends in part on the practices of its users. Please keep this in mind when your child is involved in an online lesson with their teacher. To protect the privacy of our students, please do not take pictures or videos of your child in their classroom. Doing so would be a violation of the participants privacy rights.

As a reminder, other activities happening in the home may be heard in the online classroom while your child is in a Zoom meeting.  Families should exercise caution with interactions in the background. Loud banging, music or voices may cause a disruption to the students’ online learning. It is advisable to keep the daily routine of getting up and “getting ready for school”. This practice can help keep consistency during this uncertain time. Removing distractions of television, video games and cell phones can also help to set a tone for learning and increase academic attention. Students should be dressed and sitting in an “academic” setting, such as a desk or kitchen table, rather than in their pajamas or on their bed for the lessons.

At school, we implement a variety of safety measures to protect our children from online risks, such as maintaining a secure network, setting content controls on student computers, and close monitoring and supervision. During remote learning the use of technology at home is still subject to the Candia School District Acceptable Use Policy. Students who are using school technology in defiance of the policy will be subject to the terms of the policy and the student handbook.

Families should still practice internet safety during remote learning. It is encouraged that students use their technology in a shared space in the home rather than in their bedrooms. Please continue to monitor your child’s screen time as you did before remote learning began. Students have been given access to Zoom on their Chromebooks for interacting with their teachers.  Any Zoom meetings outside of teacher created meetings are not monitored by Moore School staff and are discouraged.

Thank you for your support in creating the best possible environment for your child’s learning. Please feel free to reach out to Ms. Wing with any questions, concerns or feedback.


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