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Co-Curricular Activities at Moore School

The Moore School offers many opportunities to get involved! Please refer to the following for information about each club/organization:


Art Club

Advisor: Mrs. Gleason

Art Club is open to students in grades 4-8 who are interested in creating art. We will be working in the same center format that we use in class as well as working on group projects that create a positive impact on our school community. Art Club takes place throughout the year  on Fridays from 3:00pm-4:30pm. The enrollment for Art Club is limited to 15 students. See Mrs. Gleason for a permission slip. Students should bring a snack, dress for a mess, and plan on being picked up outside the front door promptly at 4:30.


Band (Beginner & Advanced)

Advisor: Mr. Brown

Instrument Lessons and Beginning Band: Any student in grade 4-8 interested in taking band lessons on flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone or drums should see Mr. Brown today for a sign-up form.  Lessons are free; students only need an instrument. If you don’t already have an instrument, you can rent or buy one. Instrument rentals are available through our local music store Music and Arts, located in Manchester. See Mr. Brown, or email him for more information.  Students will receive a lesson once a week either before, during, or after school. They will also meet once a week for a full beginning band rehearsal. This group will make its debut performance at the Spring Concert in April.

Advanced Band: The Henry W. Moore School Advanced Band provides a wonderful opportunity for you to play alone and in a group setting, perform, and enhance your musical understanding and abilities.  Advanced band is open to any student who has taken at least one year of private lessons on their instrument. Rehearsals for the advanced band take place every Wednesday from 2:45 until 3:30. This group begins rehearsing in September, and performances and rehearsals continue right into the month of June. Students interested in joining advanced band should see Mr. Brown to get a permission slip.



Advisor: Mr. Brown

Elementary Chorus: The Henry W. Moore School Elementary Chorus provides a wonderful opportunity for students in grades 2-4 to sing, perform, and enhance their musical understanding and abilities.  Chorus is open to any student who enjoys singing and wants to learn more about their voice. The chorus rehearses every Thursday from 2:45 until 3:30, and rehearsals will continue right into the month of June.  Students interested in joining elementary chorus should see Mr. Brown to get a permission slip.


Chess/Board/Card Gaming Club

Advisors: Mr. Wood

Gaming club is for students who like to play games! They will be able to play board or card games with their peers and talk about their favorite games. Games currently being played every week are as follows, but not limited to: Exploding Kittens, 5-Minute Dungeon, Ticket to Ride, Magic: The Gathering, and Klask. This club is intended for students grades 5-8, however all students able to read are welcome to attend! Gaming club meets every Tuesday from 2:45 to 3:45 and requires prompt parent or guardian transportation.

2018-2019 – Gaming Club Permission Slip


Advisors: TBD

Do you love acting, singing and dancing but don’t have the time to commit to weekly meetings? Then intramural drama club is right for you. Starting in March, this club will meet once weekly for an hour and a half to act, sing and dance to parts of some of the most famous musicals! This club will be open to grades 5-8. Students will not have to commit to every practice as each week will feature a different play.

What to expect:

Acting out a scene: 25 minutes

Choreography: 25 minutes

Learning a Song: 25 minutes

Put it all together: 15 minutes



Advisor: Ms. Denton

Intramurals is a recreational sport or athletic program offered to students in grades 3-8. Each month a new activity is presented to offer a variety of experiences. The program runs once a week from 3:45 – 4:45 pm. Usually the days of the week are Monday or Tuesday, pending gym availability. Some of the past activities are walking club, basketball, floor hockey, or kickball, among others. Sign up forms can be found on the bulletin board outside the gym. For more information please contact Shauna Preble,


Robotics (VEX IQ)

Advisor: Ms. Kenney

Using a snap together robotic system students design, build, test and compete with their VEX IQ robots. VEX IQ provides students with the opportunity to work collaboratively to create and problem solve. The team practices on Monday and Thursday from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. During the season there are approximately six VEX IQ competitions which are held on weekends. The VEX IQ season runs from late September – February and is open to students in grades six, seven and eight. Click here for the VEX IQ website.


Student Council

Advisors: Mrs. Murphy & Mr. Wood

Student Council is a middle school (grades 6-8) leadership group that organizes community service events, fundraisers, school store, dances, and the annual showcase of talent. Students in this group work together over the course of the school year to unite our school in terms of culture and climate, and work closely with the PTO, administrators, teachers and students to do this. To join Student Council, students fill out an application conveying their interest and information about themselves, in addition to submitting a recommendation from a Henry W. Moore School faculty member. These are completed each spring for the following fall. Middle school students are invited to sit in on the council’s weekly meetings, held on the first and third Wednesdays of every month at 2:10pm, and may participate by submitting ideas, questions and concerns to council members for review.


Student Newspaper (The Lancer Ledger)

Advisor: Mrs. Gleason

The Lancer Ledger is our middle school run student newspaper. Students who have an interest in the newspaper can participate in positions including editor, reporter, opinion writer, photographer and comic artist.  Students can work on the newspaper in the art room before or after school or independently. Interested students should see Mrs. Gleason for more information.



Advisor: Mr. Pritchard

Yearbook will give middle school students the opportunity to assist in the creating and designing of the 2021-2022 Henry W. Moore School Yearbook. Students will assist in creating a layout and theme for the yearbook. Students will learn how to use the online Tree Ring program to create various homeroom, club, and sports pages. Students will also be provided the opportunity to take pictures for various pages and design and draw multiple covers to be included in the yearbook.