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Distance Learning Update – June 5

This is our last Friday of the school year! As a reminder, the last day of school is Thursday, June 11th. We have some wonderful gatherings via Zoom planned for that day and remember to mark your calendars for the reverse parade beginning at 3:00pm that day as well. I will send out more details about how that will work early next week.

At this time we are planning to collect Chrome books, textbooks and any other items that should be returned to the school on Friday, June 12th. I will send more detailed information about that next week as well. If you have something that should go directly to a teacher and not just to the classroom, you may drop it off in our drop box any weekday between 7:00am and 2:00pm before June 11th. If it is too big for the drop box, just ring the bell and we will meet you at the door to collect it.

Please make sure to check out the virtual spirit day links on the distance learning page. Each one is customized for a particular span of grade levels. They each have interactive links added to give you a video demonstration of the games we chose. Feel free to check out the games on any page, practice, and get ready to start our extended Virtual Spirit Day on Monday!

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