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NH Teacher of the Year Nominations

The New Hampshire Department of Education recently announced that they are accepting nominations for the 2023 Teacher of the Year. Our teachers at the Moore School are one of the most significant strengths of our school and we encourage any of our stakeholders to look at the document linked here (Teacher of the Year Announcement 2023) if there is a Henry W. Moore School teacher whom you would like to recognize and nominate. 

In a letter to school administrators throughout the state, the Commissioner of Education stated that: 

The Teacher of the Year Program does not attempt to single out any individual as the best teacher in New Hampshire, but rather to honor one teacher who represents all the excellent teachers in our state. The purpose of the program is to select a teacher who is capable of speaking for and energizing the teaching profession. Our Teacher of the Year serves as a leader and ambassador for all the outstanding teachers devoted to the highest level of student learning. A Teacher of the Year candidate should be an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled classroom teacher from any state-approved or accredited school, pre-kindergarten through grade 12, certified in the state, demonstrates leadership, and intends to continue in the teaching profession. Selecting a Teacher of the Year is an exceptional way to celebrate the many outstanding and dedicated people teaching in New Hampshire schools.

The Commissioner also shared that, “Anyone can nominate an outstanding teacher by using this link Teacher of the Year nomination form on or before Feb. 11, 2022.”


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