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Distance Learning Update – May 29

Happy Friday! As the weather gets nicer and we get closer to summer vacation it becomes harder for children to focus on schoolwork. Know that we understand that and we are doing our best to keep everyone engaged in the learning process for the final 10 days of school. Yes, only 10 days remain in our school year and we have some great things in store.

The week of June 8 will be the Moore School Spirit Day. This year Spirit Day will last for 3 days instead of just one! Look for more information on that next week. We are planning our 8th grade graduation ceremony for Thursday, June 10th at 6:00pm with details to come next Friday. On June 11th we are planning a reverse parade at 3pm to kick off summer vacation. This time, instead of the teachers driving by your homes, you get to drive by the school where the teachers will be waiting to wave to your child(ren). Look for more details on that next week as well.

We’ve got a busy 10 days ahead of us starting with today. Please encourage your children to check Google Classroom, PowerSchool (grades 5-8) and check in with their teacher if they believe they may have some missing assignments. Now is the time to finish those up and get them submitted. As always, please reach out if there is anything that you need.

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