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Distance Learning Update – April 9 (Day 19)

Today is day nineteen of our remote learning journey. If you have not read my letter regarding our change in grading, I encourage you to do so. Please give teachers a few days to update grades that were previously entered for this trimester. If you have questions regarding specific assignments, please reach out to the teacher.

As a reminder, the week of April 27th – May 1st will continue to be our spring vacation week. There will be no distance learning that week. This will provide a much-needed break for students, parents and teachers.

The scheduled Zoom classes are not meant to restrict family schedules in any way. Lesson recordings are available in Google Classroom (grades 1-8) for any student who is not able to attend a lesson. We understand that the lesson times are not convenient for everyone, so feel free to watch the lesson recordings at your convenience. If your child prefers to get all of their work done in the morning, they can watch their afternoon classes from the day before in the morning before attending the live morning class. We want you to do what is best for your family. Please continue to send me your feedback regarding all things Moore School.


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