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Distance Learning Update – March 27 (Day 10)

We are all so excited to see you along our parade route this afternoon!

Here are a few reminders as you plan how you will participate. Please know that all efforts have been made to create the parade route to include as many Candia roads as possible. If you plan to go to a road that you do not live on, please remain in or near your car and away from others who may be observing. We are doing our best to follow the social distancing guidelines and hope that you will as well. We will be passing by and waving, but we will not be stopping to visit. If we do have to come to a stop for some reason, please do not approach a car, as that could cause safety concerns. The parade will begin at 1:00pm and may last up to 2 hours, so please be patient!

To view the route, please go to:

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