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Distance Learning Update – March 26 (Day 9)

Happy Thursday!  Today is Day 9 of distance learning.  Everyone from the school is missing seeing your children every day.  To that end, we are planning a Moore School Teacher Parade for tomorrow at 1:00pm.  Teachers will be driving themselves through town on a route that will be published later today or tomorrow morning.  Please come outside and wave to us! We will wave back!

We are also looking forward to moving toward some “live” instructional time via video conferencing if the school closure should last beyond April 5th.  An email was sent to all families yesterday afternoon regarding a release form for the recording of these classes. Please complete this online form to give your consent for video and audio recording of online instruction for your child:  Ms. Wing will be reaching out to families who do not fill out the form, so if you are choosing not to complete the form for your child, please send her an email to let her know.  

Thank you all again for how incredibly supportive you have been.  Please continue to send us your feedback.

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