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Talking with Your Children about COVID-19

Many of us are experiencing some things we have not had to deal with before since the arrival of COVID-19. It is important to remember that the changes occurring related to COVID-19 may be confusing and stressful for your child as well as yourself.  They may be over-hearing information and seeing new sights in the media. Please take the time to sit down and have a discussion to help alleviate any anxiety and confusion your child may be experiencing.

Some important things to discuss and review, in addition to what COVID-19 is, would include ways that your child can avoid picking up germs to share with others or to possibly get sick themselves.  Review covering of coughing or sneezing with elbows and tissues, proper handwashing techniques and when to do so, proper use of hand sanitizers, avoiding touching face, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Remember to keep things simple and to offer an opportunity to answer any questions your child may have about the topic. Let your child demonstrate proper hygiene techniques for you. Provide support and encouragement to your child and be a great role model! Your child will practice what they see you doing, so make sure you are washing your hands and demonstrating proper hygiene techniques as well.  Here are some great resources to help you have an effective discussion:

Please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Cardillo, School Nurse, at or Ms. Jarvis, School Counselor, at with any questions or concerns you may have.  We are here to help support you and your child!

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