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Internet Safety Warning

A couple of weeks ago we alerted you to a social media challenge called the “Momo Challenge”.   The challenge is no longer contained to social media platforms.  If your child uses YouTube, YouTube Kids, or other similar video sharing sites please take note of this character by the name “Momo”.  The character pops up in children’s videos explaining how to commit suicide, place forks into outlet plugs, and turn the gas stove on in the middle of the night. She states that if the children tell their parents she will show up to their house and kill them. Please use caution with what your children view, as these show up in the middle of videos that one would think are acceptable for young children between ages 2-5. Its very possible your child has seen this character already. Share this information with everyone you know who has children.

As a reminder, Mrs. Lavallee and Mrs. Jarvis are working with the Candia Police Department to offer a program to further educate our community regarding social media and internet concerns. Thank you for taking the time to read this important information.

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