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Candia 2026 – Come Shape Our Town’s Next Decade

To Moore School parents and staff: If you were not aware already, the town is going through the first steps of the Master Plan revision. This is the document that guides future development and vision for the next decade. One of the important benchmarks in this process is the Community Profile event on April 15 and 16 called “Candia 2026 – Come Shape Our Town’s Next Decade,” which will be done with cooperation from the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension.

Education is an important piece of the Master Plan and the Community Profile; so it is important that the Moore School community is informed and able to make their vision heard. Because of that, please consider liking the “Candia 2026.” Facebook page ( The page will be updated page regularly and you will be asked for your input regarding activities and events.

There is also a Candia 2026 page on the town’s website dedicated to the Community Profile and Master Plan process. Please go to for a myriad of resources. In addition, please feel free to recommend items that may be missing.

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