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Principal’s Message


Welcome to Henry W. Moore School!

Robert St. Cyr

This year marks my 12th year in Candia, NH as the Principal of Henry W. Moore School.  Over the years I have been privileged to work with the children, parents and teachers that make up a very important part of Candia, NH.  My background in education spans 26 years, 15 as a school administrator.  I live in Amherst, NH with my wife and two beautiful daughters.  This year, I will complete my Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership at Southern New Hampshire University.  I look forward to serving the community with a growth mindset for the benefit of all children.

This year, I am honored to announce that in June of 2016, The Candia School Board and the SAU 15 Administrative Team, under the direction of Dr. Charles P. Littlefield, successfully negotiated an agreement to make Pinkerton Academy, the official High School for the Candia School District. Students will transition from eighth grade to Pinkerton in the fall of 2017.

Our school has grown in many ways but more so during the last five years. The Candia School Board has worked as a partner to improve the physical facility with new flooring, roofing, school grounds, and most importantly, the safety and security of our students. Additionally, we were able to give a much-needed facelift to the main office over the summer.  

We welcomed 322 students during the first two weeks of school.  As always, it is my consistent intention to surround our students with the best educators possible. Our teachers and staff follow the Five Core Values of SAU 15. They are:

  1. Schools are for students.
  2. Students meet and exceed high academic standards.
  3. We each have the responsibility to ensure the success of all students.
  4. Twenty-first century instruction is necessary for twenty-first century learning.
  5. We believe that it in fact, does “take a village to raise a child.”

(See our core values page for more details)

These values serve as the basis for our daily interactions with students and parents.

Please consider joining our amazing Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) to volunteer and become more involved in the school community. More information can be found on their webpage at:

Please don’t hesitate to contact the school for any reason to communicate with teachers, staff members or administrators concerning your child. I look forward to another year serving the Candia Community.