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Resolution of the Candia School Board

The School Board of the Candia School District, pursuant to Chapter 20 (HB 329) of the 2017 legislative session, hereby legalizes, ratifies and confirms all actions, votes and proceedings held at the 2017 annual School District meeting which was postponed due to a weather emergency.

This action is taken after a properly noticed public hearing, said notice having been published in the Union Leader and having been posted on the School District’s website for 72 hours prior to this action.

A true attested copy of this Resolution will be posted at the place of the annual School District meeting, with like copies to be posted at the SAU Office, Henry W. Moore School, Candia Town Hall, and the Candia Library as well as on the School District’s website, with the original to be delivered to the School District Clerk. Please click here to view the posted document.

Please click here to view the posted document.

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